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Prayer Challenge

Hello Gems!!!

I recently hosted a 40 Day Prayer Challenge on my blog and wanted to make it easier for you all to find the posts. The challenge can be done anytime you want to do it, so if you missed out still read through each day and do the prompts!

Tool's I'll Be Using

Week 1: What Is Prayer?
Day 1 - What is prayer? pt 1
Day 2 - What is prayer? pt 2
Day 3 - The purpose of prayer pt 1
Day 4 - The purpose of prayer pt 2
Day 5 - The necessity of prayer pt 1
Day 6 - The necessity of prayer pt 2
Day 7 - The necessity of prayer pt 3

Week 2: Why Do We Pray?
Day 8 - Why do we pray? pt 1
Day 9 - Why do we pray? pt 2
Day 10 - To know God pt 1
Day 11 - To know God pt 2
Day 12 - To gain strength pt 1
Day 13 - To gain strength pt 2
Day 14 - To gain strength pt 3

Week 3: How Do We Pray?
Day 15 - How do we pray?
Day 16 - A sincere heart
Day 17 - Methods of prayer
Day 18 - Types of Prayer pt 1
Day 19 - Types of prayer pt 2
Day 20 - Types of prayer pt 3
Day 21 - Jesus & Prayer

Week 4: The Lord's Prayer
Day 22 - Free day
Day 23 - Matthew 6:9
Day 24 - Matthew 6:10
Day 25 - Matthew 6:11
Day 26 - Matthew 6:12
Day 27 - Matthew 6:13
Day 28 - Week 4 complete

Week 5: What to Pray
Day 29 - Praying scripture
Day 30 - Praying for self
Day 31 - Praying for family
Day 32 - Praying for friends
Day 33 - Praying for believers
Day 34 - Praying for unbelievers
Day 35 - Praying for your enemies

Week 6: Prioritizing Prayer
Day 36 - Prioritizing Prayer
Day 37 - Rooted in Prayer
Day 38 - Consistent and Persistent
Day 39 - Pray in Faith
Day 40 - Final Day


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