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2019 Christian Non-Fiction Favorites

Hey Gems!!! So I went through my 2019 favorites for both biblical fiction and Christian fiction. Now, it's time to run through my non-fiction Christian reads that impacted me this year. These books have had the most impact on me of the many I read this year. They stand out and I'm quick to recommend these books to others. 2019 Non-Fiction Favorites Review |   Paperback  |  Kindle  |  Audiobook This book focuses on the book of Esther in it's entirety and how we as women can be just like Queen Esther. We can be strong women of prayer, courage and influence in the areas that God allots to us. I highly recommend reading this while studying the book of Esther. Read this twice and loved it! Review | Paperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover What can I say about this beauty!? A non-fiction and fantasy mashup! This is epic. A story from an upper demon to a lower one all about keeping a human in bondage and tempting them. This was such a game-changer. Even

2019 Christian Fiction Favorites

Hey Gems!!! A few days ago I shared my 2019 Biblical Fiction Favorites . Today I'm here to share the other Christian fiction books I enjoyed this past year! This was the year that I ventured out to other genres that I normally stay clear of in the secular books. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed them all... 2019 Christian Fiction Favorites Review |  Hardcover  |  Paperback  |  Kindle  |  Audible   Review |   Paperback  |  Kindle  |  Audible   Review |  Paperback  |  Kindle   Review |  Hardcover  |  Paperback  |  Kindle  |  Audible   Review |   Hardcover  |  Paperback  |  Audible   Review |   Hardcover  |  Kindle  |  Audible   Review | Paperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover   Honorable Mention Book releases on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 Review | Paperback | Kindle  | Hardcover These books have been epic for me and make me extremely hopeful for the 2020 books I'll be diving into. What were you

2019 Biblical Fiction Favorites

Hey Gems!!! Today's post is all about my favorite biblical fiction reads from this year! I am so excited about all the books I've read this year, but I definitely have my top picks from the I enjoyed my reading year for 2019. It has been the best so far. I'm excited for 2020 and all the wonderful new reads I'll be exposed to it in the Christian genre. If you haven't seen my video yet on my favs check it out: Now let's get into these books more... 2019 Biblical Fiction Favorites Review | Video Review |  Paperback | Kindle | Audible   Review | Paperback | Kindle | Audible Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback | Kindle   Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback | Kindle   Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback   Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback | Kindle   Review | Reading Vlog |  Paperback  |  Kindle  |  Audible  |  Hardcover   Review | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audible Review |  Paper

2020 Book Club Picks

Hey Gems!!! I'm here to share with you all the books that we will be diving into for 2020! We will have three non-fiction reads and three biblical fiction reads! To download the pdf file click the image above. If you haven't seen my video yet that includes a breakdown of each book do so now: Here is the schedule so that you can put in on your own calendar!! Goliath Must Fall will be from February 2nd to 22nd . The Pharaoh's Daughter will be from March 1st to April 30th . Lies Women Believe will be from May 17th to June 20th . Harvest of Rubies will be from July 15th to August 15th . Discerning the Voice of God will be for the entire month of September . The Heart of a King will be from October 4th to December 19th . I hope you are all excited for this coming year! I can't wait to read these books with you all. Blessings,

2020 Bible Studies

Hey Gems!!! Today's post is all about the Bible studies that we will be doing in 2020. I'm excited to be getting back into studying the Word with you all. 2020 will be a calm year of studying because I am doing three breaks in between to give us all time and not to overwhelm you all. If you want a pdf click the image to download. If you have not seen my video explaining the 2020 Bible study picks, check out the video now I can't wait to get back into the Gospel according to John because I miss interacting with you all through our studies. P.S - Study guides will be available for each study for a low price, so once those are available I will post them into the shop . Blessings,

2020 DOI Faith-Based Reading Challenge

Hey Gems!!! Today's post is an announcement about the 2020 52 week reading challenge I'll be hosting. I mentioned this challenge earlier this year, but I personally didn't really keep up with it. Many of you enjoyed the challenge, so I decided to redo it for 2020 and changed about a few of the prompts. The whole idea behind this challenge is to be intentional in your reading and edifying your spirit through books. Read 13 to 52 books that are Christian related, be it fictional or nonfiction. There are 4 different levels to choose from: Level 1 - 1 book every 4 weeks, 13 books for the year. Level 2 - 1 book every 2 weeks, 26 books for the year. Level 3 - 1 book every week, 52 books for the year. Level 4 - Free spirit reader.  Check out my video for more information If you're interested in downloading the pdf file for use click the image below: This coming year I plan to incorporate this challenge into my monthly wrap-ups and reads, so you'll

DOI Faith Reads Read-a-thon

Hey Gems!!! Today's announcement is on the upcoming 2020 Christian readathon I'll be hosting in January! If you don't know what a readathon is then let me explain it! A readathon is an event, usually with a time limit, where you set a certain goal you would like to reach. The goal of readathons is to help you read more during that time period than you would any other time. The Faith Reads Read-a-thon is a month long readathon focused on faith-filled Christian reading. From January 1st to 31st you will read books by Christian authors. The main goal behind the Faith Reads Read-a-thon is to get people to read more Christian fiction and non-fiction books . You can set your own personal goals and TBR for this readathon. Check out the video I posted on the channel: Now let's get into the prompts, challenges and fun for the month of January! Click the images to go to the pdf file. Both are in one file. 7-Day Photo Challenge For the first 7 days I'm g

Melissa Wright for 12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas

Day eleven and the last of the authors to share with you all. Let me just say, once again, stunning covers! I'll be giving this author a try! Title : Shadow and Stone Author : Melissa Wright Series : The Frey Saga #5 Age : Young Adult Genres : Fantasy Expected Publication Date : February 4th 2020 Purchase :   Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble Synopsis : No bargains unpaid.  After a perilous clash with the fey, the changeling who betrayed the paramount of their laws--and threatens the safety of both realms--has gone into hiding. As Frey and her Seven recover, concealed plans and furtive bargains begin to unravel, putting in danger their old guard and new.  They’re on unsteady ground.  Scattered and healing, those sworn to protect the North and its lord work to secure their footing. They are running out of time to cure the darkness poisoning the fey lands, before it overflows into the rest of the realm. But Ruby has gone missing, and this time it seems of he