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Midwives of Moses by Jenifer Jennings {Book Review}

Hello Gems! Today's review is one I'm excited to share with you all. A few months ago I was introduced to a new biblical fiction author and was excited to dive into her novels. It wasn't until earlier this year that I got the chance to read her upcoming release, The Stranger, and  LOVED it. After reading it I had to go back to her first book and give it a go and so I did...

Check out my review and thoughts!

Title: Midwives of Moses
Author: Jenifer Jennings
Series: Faith Finders #1
Age: Adult
Genres: Biblical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction
Publication Date: April 25, 2018
Source: eBook
Purchase: Paperback | Kindle
A god asked her to kill. That went against her faith. Her own God asked her to walk away. That went against her calling.

Until she is ordered by Pharaoh to kill newborn Hebrew males, Puah thought she had an easy profession. If she obeys, it means the deaths of untold innocents. If she doesn't, it means her death.

As Pharaohs rise and fall, Puah’s people are forced into deeper oppression. Men are forced labor and women are sent to serve their Egyptian counterparts. Only Puah and her recently acquired guild are free. For now.

Moses, one of the hidden babies who was adopted by the Princess, is being groomed to take over. When he denies his right to rule and mistakenly kills an Egyptian, he is forced to flee into the desert.

Forty years later, he returns as the instrument of God.

With her medical training and passion for helping pregnant women, Puah places herself in the heart of hell on earth as the intensity of plagues increases.

After the last plague falls, she must make the decision to stay in Egypt or face the unknown wilderness. Puah’s heart has always been for the women of Egypt. How can she obey God to walk away from them in their greatest hour of need? She can only make the choice once and morning won’t wait.
My Rating:
This was a very interesting take on the story of Moses and the ten plagues told from the perspective of the two midwives mentioned in Exodus 1:15-21. I loved the writing, it was easy to fall into. I loved the characters and how they all meshed, contrasted and also made sense for the times. My second read from Jenifer and I'm hooked!

The story centers around Shiphrah and Puah, two midwives that chose to disregard pharaoh and save the newborn male Hebrew. Shiphrah is featured in a few chapters and she's a wise woman with a heart for all. The book more so centers around Puah as she begins apprenticing with Shiphrah and follows her journey from the time of Moses birth up until the exodus from Egypt.

I absolutely enjoyed Puah from being to end. She was very loving, kind and respectable. I admired her drive and how she was able to restrain herself when people treated her harshly. Puah was well written and like a mother figure to most of the characters in the story.

Seeing glimpses of Aaron, Miriam, Moses and Zipporah made me so happy. Zipporah had few scenes with Moses children, but just the mention of them made me happy. Miriam was much more sweet in this book. She seemed to have a heart and respect her brothers. Aaron was ready to do whatever Moses asked of him.

Moses was an interesting character for me because he didn't speak the language of his people. I thought it was amazing that he spoke broken Hebrew and had to limit his sentences to communicate with his people. He overcame a lot to do what God called him to.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the other characters and how they all interacted with each other. Jenifer has such a way of writing strong characters. I am excited to continue on with the series and read more from her.



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