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God's Good News by Billy Graham {Book Review}

Title: God's Good News

Author: Billy Graham

Illustrator: Scott Wakefield

Age: Children

Genres: Devotional, Christian Living

Publication Date: October 23, 2018

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Source: Hardcover

Purchase: Hardcover | B&N | ChristianBook

God's Good News is even more child-friendly with a new cover, smaller trim size, and even a lower price point. More than 60 favorite Bible stories are told in actual Bible text from the New King James Version, each paired with a takeaway devotion from Rev. Graham. The takeaways will help children focus on God’s Word, apply it to their lives, and begin sharing the good news from an early age.
 "Christianity is good news. . . . When we open up the Bible, it is good news from cover to cover. It's the good news that God loves us." —Billy Graham
No one has brought the good news to more people than Reverend Billy Graham, and the people who admire him span all generations. This lovely edition of God's Good News will be a timeless classic for parents and grandparents to give a new generation of children the good news, to show them the way to the cross, and to help them begin a lifetime of following Christ.
Invite the children you love to experience God through powerful stories from the Bible. They will imagine the walls of water in the parted Red Sea, figure out why Joseph chose to forgive his brothers, read about a paralyzed man Jesus healed, and discover God’s exciting plan for their lives. Most of all, this Bible storybook helps children understand God's incredible love for them. Each story is equipped with a takeaway devotion from Rev. Graham. The takeaways will help children focus on God's Word, apply it to their lives, and begin walking with God and sharing the good news from an early age.
With Bible stories told in actual Bible text, this storybook teaches that God loves us, saves us from our sin, and invites us into a new life with Him. Each entry includes the wisdom of Billy Graham, who spent his life helping people all over the world understand and respond in faith to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that God loves us, and that is good news!
The striking artwork from Scott Wakefield will help children connect with the timeless Bible stories and messages from Rev. Graham.
My Rating
This was a pleasant surprise for me. I am always a fan of a good devotional style book, be it for adults or children. I have a 4 year old that loves to do some devotional reading with me, so finding books that are good enough for me to enjoy as an adult can be a struggle. However, this one is perfect for all ages! This is split into two sections, like the Bible -- Old Testament and New Testament. It takes bits and pieces from each to compile 60 beautiful stories and devotions.

Each story and devotional begins with a title and then a focused topic. It then moves into to tell you where each scripture is from and then it gives you the scripture text in the NKJV (New Kings James Version) translation. I am personally a major fan of the NKJV so to have a devotional for my son that uses this translation is even more of a plus for me. Once you get through the scripture there is a box that has some devotional content from Bill Graham that includes his thoughts, insights and even questions for interactions with older children. Some titles have two devotions for them which I think is great.

The illustrations are absolutely stunning! It looks as if each image was painted right in front of you. They help to bring the actual scripture text to life for children. My son enjoyed looking at the pictures and asking me questions or pointing things out as I read the scriptures to him.

This was definitely a well thought out devotional for children. It's fun and pretty, but keeps the focus on the scriptures for them to be grounded in it. I am a huge fan of this and I highly recommend this to everyone with a child, niece, nephew, younger siblings, for church or just as a gift. If you're an adult with neither -- buy it for yourself when you want some quiet time with God that's not extensive.

This is stunning book all around!



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