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Ascendant by Kimberly Grey {Book Review}

Hey Gems!!! Today I have a book review for you all!

I was contacted by the author, Kimberly Grey, and asked if I could review this book and of course I agreed. I knew it was a YA Christian fantasy about angels and I was immediately down for it:
YA Christian fantasy with guardian angels, found family, revenge, and forgiveness. Let me just say, this novel rocks! It takes the whole concept of black being evil and white being good and flips it on it's head.

Ascendant is the first book in the trilogy which will include Remnant (book two), Covenant (book three) and the prequel Revenant.

Keep reading to check out my thoughts!!

Title: Ascendant
Author: Kimberly Grey
Series: Ascendant #1
Age: Young Adult
Genres: Christian Fantasy
Publication Date: June 14, 2019
Source: Hardcover
Purchase: Hardcover | Kindle
For hundreds of years, war has raged across the realm of Guardian Angels. White-Wing against Black-Wing. Grace is the Saboteur, daughter of the White-Wing Spy Master, destined to end …
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On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White {Blog Tour}

A historical fiction romance steeped with faith that will inspire your spirit. A romance that's as sweet as the characters themselves. Spies and assassins blended with devastating suicides. Check out my review of On Wings of Devotion.

A huge thank you to Just Read Tours for having me on board for this blog tour!!

Title: On Wings of Devotion

Author: Roseanna M. White

Series: The Codebreakers #2

Age: Adult

Genres: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

Publication Date: January 7, 2020

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Source: Paperback

Purchase: Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle | Audible | Christian Book | B&N | Book Depository

Against Every Warning, She’s Drawn Ever Closer to the Man Known as “Black Heart.” All of England thinks Major Phillip Camden a monster–a man who deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But he would have preferred to die that day with his men rather than be recruited to the Admiralty’s codebreaking division. The threats he receives daily a…

The Delilah Box

Hey Gems!!!

I've been asked many times about Christian book subscription boxes so I did some research. I contacted a few companies to try and collab with them. Today I'll be sharing the box from The Delilah Box subscription company!
This is a new to me company which I was excited about once I looked around the website and Instagram page.

About the Company
The Delilah Box is designed for those of us who wish to learn about the lesser known, lesser liked and sometimes more relatable women of the bible. As women of faith, we all strive to be Mary's; yet truth be told, there are definitely days we feel more like Delilah. We fall from grace, we make mistakes, love hard, love wrong and carry on. The Delilah Box's goal is to create a community of spiritual women who appreciate and learn from all the women of Christ's time...even the Jezebels.

What to Expect
Each month is centered around a different gal & includes items relating to our theme. Expect to receive 2 Books, …

Faith Reads Read-a-thon TBR

Hey Gems!!! Happy New Year Ladies (and Gents if you're reading)!!!! 2020 is HERE!!!
Today we are talking all about the Faith Reads read-a-thon for this month! I am so excited about this read-a-thon with you ladies!!!

This post is on my TBR picks for the prompts. Check out my IG to see my photos for the photo challenges.

Now let's get into my book picks for each prompt!

1) Read a book based on a well-known biblical person.
            ♥ Iscariot by Tosca Lee. I'm going with this book because we all know who Judas is -- the betrayer of Jesus. I want to read about him to make him seem more human than I believe he is. Both Judas and Peter were sifted by the enemy. Peter however didn't fall, but Judas did and Jesus knew it. I'm interested in seeing if this can "redeem" Judas in my eyes. Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle | Audible

2) Read a book based on a lesser-known biblical person.
            ♥ Zipporah, Wife of Moses by Marek Halter. The wife of Moses only …

2019 Christian Non-Fiction Favorites

Hey Gems!!!

So I went through my 2019 favorites for both biblical fiction and Christian fiction. Now, it's time to run through my non-fiction Christian reads that impacted me this year.
These books have had the most impact on me of the many I read this year. They stand out and I'm quick to recommend these books to others. 2019 Non-Fiction Favorites
Review |Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook
This book focuses on the book of Esther in it's entirety and how we as women can be just like Queen Esther. We can be strong women of prayer, courage and influence in the areas that God allots to us. I highly recommend reading this while studying the book of Esther. Read this twice and loved it!
Review | Paperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover
What can I say about this beauty!? A non-fiction and fantasy mashup! This is epic. A story from an upper demon to a lower one all about keeping a human in bondage and tempting them. This was such a game-changer. Even though it's fictional, there we…

2019 Christian Fiction Favorites

Hey Gems!!!

A few days ago I shared my 2019 Biblical Fiction Favorites. Today I'm here to share the other Christian fiction books I enjoyed this past year!
This was the year that I ventured out to other genres that I normally stay clear of in the secular books. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed them all...
2019 Christian Fiction Favorites
ReviewHardcover | Paperback | Kindle | Audible
Review |Paperback | Kindle | Audible

ReviewPaperback | Kindle
ReviewHardcover | Paperback | Kindle | Audible
Review |Hardcover | Paperback | Audible
Review |Hardcover | Kindle | Audible
Review | Paperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover
Honorable Mention
Book releases on Tuesday, Februar

2019 Biblical Fiction Favorites

Hey Gems!!!

Today's post is all about my favorite biblical fiction reads from this year! I am so excited about all the books I've read this year, but I definitely have my top picks from the
I enjoyed my reading year for 2019. It has been the best so far. I'm excited for 2020 and all the wonderful new reads I'll be exposed to it in the Christian genre.

If you haven't seen my video yet on my favs check it out:
Now let's get into these books more...

2019 Biblical Fiction Favorites
Review | Video ReviewPaperback | Kindle | Audible
Review | Paperback | Kindle | Audible
Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback | Kindle
Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback | Kindle
Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback
Review | Reading Vlog | Paperback | Kindle
Review | Reading VlogPaperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover
Review | Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle | Audible
ReviewPaperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover
ReviewPaperback | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover